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Bridge parapets

Saferoad have over 50 years experience within the bridge parapets and manufacturing industry. Within our range of parapet systems we can offer containments levels of N1 & N2 in Aluminium and N1, N2 & H2 in galvanised steel. Each system has a tested and approved MegaFlex transition which enables you to connect our parapet products into our MegaRail safety barrier systems.

All of our bridge parapet products have been dynamically tested in accordance with EN 1317 Parts 1 & 2 where at no point did the wheels of the vehicle pass over the rear edge of the representative plinth during impact, they also satisfy the requirements within TD19/06 and have been CE Marked.

Our parapet systems can also be supplied with galvanised mesh, solid metal cladding or GRP cladding to suit a clients specific needs.

EN 1317 Aluminium Vehicle Parapet Systems


N1 · W2


N2 · W3

EN 1317 Steel Vehicle Parapet Systems


N1 · W4


N2 · W4


H2 · W1 - N2 · W1


H2 · W2